Is this orange enough?


I love sunrises and sunsets….how about you?


Walking and Challenges 

Are you familiar with the Happy Herbivore?  Beginning March 1st she (Lindsay Nixon) called on her herbivores to rise to the challenge and walk 100,000 steps by the end of the month.   Silly me decided to take the bait of giveaways..

I do have a Fitbit and have been averaging 2000~2500 steps a day.  Not all the great considering 10,000 should be your goal to be fit.  Who came up with that number?

Anyway, I’ve been walking more and more each day and yesterday I surpassed 10,000!


Most days I’m up in total darkness and have the honor of watching the sun rise above the horizon. No matter where we are I love these few moments to myself and seeing the beauty of the world come alive


How about you? Are you able to see a sunrise daily?

Beautiful Amaryillis


Last year I bought this lovely Amaryllis and decided to try and keep it and make it bloom again. Living in an RV has it’s challenges! Last August I put the bulb in the refrigerator until December. Then I potted it up and viola! It not only bloomed but put out four flowers just like last year.

It’s definitely a keeper

We’re in Florida staying with our daughter and her husband. They’ve graciously said we could park in their backyard. Jim had quad bypass last September and is doing well in his recovery. Thank goodness they found the problems before he had a heart attack!

Not sure how long we’ll be here. This part of Florida is quite nice in the winter months, but to far south for the summer months.

American Goldfinches

American Goldfinches

This pair visit several times a day and while sitting out it’s a delight to see them


Essential Oils

Do you use them?

Recently I’ve become interested in using them for my health.  For Christmas my husband Jim gave me a kit from Young Living.  Total shock!  I’ve use EO’s off and on through the years for aromatherapy and I didn’t know he noticed.   After reading all the literature that came with the kit I decided to try them to help with my health conditions.


You see I am borderline on cholesterol, blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.  Have been for almost 15 years.  During that time I’ve changed my eating habits so I can control the ‘bad’ numbers.  I know I don’t exercise enough and now that I’m in my 66th year my numbers are creeping up.


We’re in Helen, Georgia right now but we’re leaving tomorrow for Ashville, North Carolina.

I crashed!

Ane when my computer crashed I lost everything on it.  Jim says the mother board is gone.  So I’ve been setting up an old laptop and the going is slow!

I’ve also moved.  We’re in Dickenson, Texas at Green Caye RV Park, if you care to take a peek.  It’s not bad and we have a view of ponds and the golf course.  There are ducks, gulls and grackles and doves so far.  We took a walk last night and I guess there aren’t any rules here as to what you can do with your site.  Some rigs have been here ‘forever’ and are in need of cleaning!  Some have decks so you know they aren’t leaving anytime soon.  Some have beautiful flowers in planters all around their patios.  One lady even has tomato plants.  We saw pens for dogs and sites that looked like a trailer park if you get my drift.  Like I said I don’t think they have any rules about site maintenance.

We spent last week in Fulton, Texas.  It’s a fishing village north of Rockport and we both like the area.  From out campground we could walk to the water’s edge and several restaurants and a park.  We did a lot of walking!  Poor Boo managed to pick up some fleas and has been tormented by them.  As a result, we have also been tormented by them.  This shall pass with time but I fear as we travel he’ll pick up more and more just because it’s springtime.  It happened two years ago as we traveled the Gulf South.

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