I crashed!

Ane when my computer crashed I lost everything on it.  Jim says the mother board is gone.  So I’ve been setting up an old laptop and the going is slow!

I’ve also moved.  We’re in Dickenson, Texas at Green Caye RV Park, www.greencayervpark.com if you care to take a peek.  It’s not bad and we have a view of ponds and the golf course.  There are ducks, gulls and grackles and doves so far.  We took a walk last night and I guess there aren’t any rules here as to what you can do with your site.  Some rigs have been here ‘forever’ and are in need of cleaning!  Some have decks so you know they aren’t leaving anytime soon.  Some have beautiful flowers in planters all around their patios.  One lady even has tomato plants.  We saw pens for dogs and sites that looked like a trailer park if you get my drift.  Like I said I don’t think they have any rules about site maintenance.

We spent last week in Fulton, Texas.  It’s a fishing village north of Rockport and we both like the area.  From out campground we could walk to the water’s edge and several restaurants and a park.  We did a lot of walking!  Poor Boo managed to pick up some fleas and has been tormented by them.  As a result, we have also been tormented by them.  This shall pass with time but I fear as we travel he’ll pick up more and more just because it’s springtime.  It happened two years ago as we traveled the Gulf South.


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